Research papers on aids – how to avoid plagiarizing

Research papers on aids - how to avoid plagiarizing

After staying up all night finding a selection of great journalistic examples to use for your research paper on aids, you are now ready to tackle the writing process. Only one problem, there are so many quotes from the formal publications that you want to use, and many of the papers that you have researched say the same thing! Part of you might be tempted just to copy one of the articles out, after all it is formatted exactly like your research paper, with a thesis and strong examples. However, you know better then to plagiarize you need to find a better alternative.

Whether you are writing about Aids or any other frequently researched subject matter there may be occasions where you come across a strong enough paper that you may be tempted to copy it. This comes up most often when the deadline is near and the student isn’t sure if they will have enough time to get the project done if they write everything originally. Newspaper articles and other publications that have been written by professional journalists may initially seem fairly easy to rip off, because the content is already verified and the sources have been clearly cited for you to use. However, plagiarizing (even under stressful circumstances) is never a plausible solution, instead you need to learn how to spin the material in order to make unique to write my assignment here is how;

Instead of finding just one find two or three strong examples that you can use as the basis for your own original paper

Create an outline stealing a piece of evidence from each paper that you can use for your body paragraph.

From these 3 pieces compose a 100% unique thesis that may be similar to the one that you read in the documents.

Make sure that you write the examples out in your own words- you can use the same ideas but you don’t want to copy word for word

Double check the sources that are cited in the article, you can use the same ones but make sure that you choose a variety from the different documents that your using for your research.

Ta-da you’ve written a pretty awesome paper without a lot of extra research or hard work. The content isn’t plagiarized and your examples are strong!